The slaves are marching in a line through the darkness; their chains are clanking with every step. Then a light and soon a man appear out of the darkness. The man’s buggy has a giant tooth flopping from side to side as this unknown rider approaches the Speck brothers and the slave cargo. At this moment Dr. King Schultz introduces himself and his horse, Fritz. Dr. Shultz questions to identify which slave is named Django. When the Speck brothers refuse to sell the slave, Dr. Shultz blows off the head of the older brother, Ace, and also kills Dicky’s horse. Viewers can immediately tell this man means business. Shultz buys Django’s freedom and humorously presents the four other slaves two options. They can either take Dicky to a doctor or kill Dicky and make their way North towards freedom. It is a no-brainer question, and Tarantino ends the scene with the slaves killing Dicky as Shultz and his new comrade, Django, ride off into their adventures.

Dr. Shultz’s first moments were more than enough to draw me in as a viewer of my first Tarantino film. Dr. King Shultz, played by Christoph Waltz, immediately and humorously makes myself and other viewers want to keep watching the film. Tarantino creatively designs characters and picks the perfect actors to present his ideas for the films. Django Unchained was my first Quentin Tarantino movie, and I must say it was a great way to grab my attention.

Throughout the semester, my interest has only continued to grow. I can truthfully say Quentin Tarantino has given me an image of the real world. He has allowed me to see not only modern day situations but also historical events in a new light. Tarantino is such a creative director that is able to make movies apply to broader audiences. His many complex characters and his intriguing plot twists make him the talented director he is known as today. Some of my favorite techniques that Tarantino uses throughout many of his films are the constant flashbacks and full circle endings in his plotlines. Quentin Tarantino and this English 1102M class have allowed me to see other people’s lives in a more inquisitive way and made me want to expand my knowledge of American culture as a whole.



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